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Thursday, December 2, 2021

George Orwell's '1984': Pertinence To Today's Society

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George Orwell's '1984': Pertinence To Today's Society

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6 pages in length. Perhaps George Orwell's prophetic novel about a totalitarian existence was merely a result of the author's overactive imagination. Maybe, however, it was a warning. Orwell, himself, said he did not believe such a society as he describes in '1984' would ever arrive; however, he did believe that something resembling it most definitely could. What is made crystal clear is that when human beings are put to the test -- truly dissected to the core -- there is no room for any concern for anyone other than themselves. Humanity is selfish and power hungry, which the novel illustrates ever so clearly. As is with all life forms, those who demand power are the ones who very often receive it. This mentality is what Orwell envisioned for the entire world -- a world in which the government could see and hear everything, where a person could never be alone, and his or her most personal information would be instantly available to all who requested it. One can only hope that the Orwellian, thought-controlled future is one that remains firmly in the clutches of fantasy. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Pages: 6
Paper Title: George Orwell's '1984': Pertinence To Today's Society
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