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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Congestion on the Internet

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Congestion on the Internet

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A 10 page paper discussing some of the ways it could be possible to reduce the increasing problem of Internet congestion. The paper discusses ISDN, ADSL, cable modem connection and DirecPC, but high-speed connections do little to ease congestion aside from perhaps allowing the user to spend less time to accomplish what he needs to do. Infrastructure needs to be shifted away from dependence on the circuit-switched voice system that existed long before most could conceive of computers. To accomplish that shift, it would be beneficial to look at IP telephony more as a method of data transmission rather than simply a low-cost alternative to conventional telephone service. In the meantime, the combination of the cable modem and the virtual private network appears to be a workable way of easing Internet congestion using available technology that could be implemented right away. The Internet is doubling every nine months, and there is little space for esoteric theorization without first ensuring that progress is made in practical areas. Bibliography lists 14 sources.
Pages: 10
Paper Title: Congestion on the Internet
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